The Best Ways To Spark Your Child’s Imagination

The Best Ways To Spark Your Child’s Imagination

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
― Albert Einstein

Learning about our world around us is more than acquiring facts of knowledge. Inspiration, the use of imagination, and the creativity to innovate are also powerful components of learning. It is one thing to teach the names of the seven continents or the life cycle of butterflies or the steps in multiplying double digit numbers. But how do we support children to feel inspiration or use their imagination? In today’s Blog Roundup several homeschool and educator bloggers share the best ways to spark children’s imagination.

In my post, Igniting Children’s Imagination Through Storytelling, I share various ways to inspire children to use their creative thinking to tell stories. Sometimes we feel like we are staring at a “blank page,” and we don’t know where to begin with telling a story. I describe 3 fun, engaging and interactive tools to use to jumpstart imaginative ideas.

Ashley @ Some Random Lady recommends Removing Distraction to Inspire Creative Play— Spark your child’s imagination by removing distractions that get in the way of creative play.

Sapna @ The Teaching Cove shares 5 Ways to Spark Kids’ Imagination in Story Writing— Are you looking for ways to spark kids’ imagination in your English class? This post details my 5 Top Tips for teaching creative writing to English and ESL children.

Lindsey @ Side By Side Learning describes ways to Spark Your Child’s Imagination Through Reading Aloud — Imagination and childhood often go hand in hand, but can reading really bring that spark of imagination that you want for them? My answer is yes it can.

Jodi @ The Kitchen Table Classroom illustrates her philosophy of “Strewing in Your Homeschool” to provide opportunities for her children to use their imagination. She defines “strewing” as scattering or spreading things untidily over a surface.  By leaving stuff out for your kids, they are more likely to engage and interact with the materials without the pressure of needing to do specific tasks with them.

Ann @ Homeschool Cheer outlines the DO’s and DONT’s of inspiring your children in her post: Inspiration Collaboration: Lighting a Fire in Your Child’s Eye –Collaborate in your child’s inspiration by wearing a variety of hats. Learn the best roles you can take to inspire your child including Inspiration Witness, Inspiration Storyteller and Inspiration Banker.

Andrea @ The Social Studies Whisperer shares the Six Hats strategy— a teaching strategy that encourages learners to think about a situation from multiple points of view. Opening your mind to think about a problem or scenario from a different lens than normal helps you to think more globally and allows room for imagination to develop more in depth!


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