ladybug lesson activities for pre-k to elementary

Ladybug Lesson Activities for Pre-K/Elementary

Ladybug Lesson Activities for Pre-K/Early Elementary

With Spring in the air, there are a lot of fun Spring lessons and activities to implement in the classroom or homeschool. Here are some lesson activities to teach about ladybugs:


Here are some great informative and fun books to read with children to learn more about ladybugs and their life cycle:

Here are lesson plan activities to pair with The Grouchy Ladybug to reinforce Language Arts & Math skills.


We got a Ladybug Land habitat by Insect Lore to observe real live ladybugs for a couple of weeks. It was so much fun watching them each day as they underwent the life cycle from larva to ladybug. The kit is inclusive of everything you need and was extremely accessible to observe the different stages of the cycle.


My children created a “Ladybug Journal” to record their observations of the ladybugs’ growth through the life cycle. It was the perfect pairing to their Ladybug Land.

ladybug journal printables

Download Ladybug Journal Printables

My children enjoyed documenting each step of the process. They felt like true scientists using their senses and observational skills. Recording their observations every couple of days helped them to internalize the different phases of the life cycle, and to discuss the changes with the insect.


We also found an adorable art lesson: painted ladybug rocks from Crafts by Amanda. It is an easy craft to take clean stones and paint the exterior to look like ladybugs. It is simple yet very cute!

We had such a fun, hands-on unit learning about ladybugs! It isn’t every day we get to see a ladybug, so having the habitat to watch them transform through the life cycle was especially an enriching experience!

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