Review of Kumon Science Sticker Activity Book

Need some ideas on how to introduce science concepts to your little ones in an enjoyable, yet light way? We highly recommend the Kumon Science Sticker Activity Book. This activity book is suggested for Pre-K and older. My children who are 6 and 8 years old loved using this book! It is filled with lots of fun activities including coloring pages, sticker pages, mazes, matching, and other types of activities.

It covers various types of sciences including life science, Earth science, physical science, and space science. We liked that it was well-rounded to cover the different areas because science is quite broad and it gave them a taste of the extensiveness of scientific topics.

Elements of the book

As soon as we opened the book, I saw that the inside of the front cover has tips for the adult on how to use this book and guide the child as needed. It even has a diagram of how to teach a child to hold a pencil properly. Having these tips is very helpful for parents to get a basic idea of how to guide your child/children.

Throughout the whole book, there are vivid and clear images. There is a good balance between realistic pictures and animation. It has a very attractive layout and is appealing for adults and especially for children. The title, subheadings, directions were clearly marked and were typed out in child-friendly fonts. For me, visuals are important because it grabs and holds the attention of a learner. So details such as these were important to look at when choosing a book for a child.

We also like how there were added “Facts” at the top of each page. This provides the grown-up a chance to briefly teach the scientific concept on the page and open up discussion.

The scientific concepts covered in the book can also easily be paired with simple hands-on science experiments if you would like to extend the lesson.

In addition, it has good quality paper and stickers, especially if little hands will be manipulating them. We want to be sure that they don’t rip very easily because that can be a frustration point for young children. The stickers page also list the page number to use the stickers on. This is very helpful to guide the child to use the sticker with the correct concept. It is not just a sticker book to decorate randomly, but with a learning purpose.

Skills Learned

There is a wide variety of activities and skills used to keep the child engaged. So it isn’t just a coloring book or just a sticker book. It is filled with lessons to give your child a basic understanding of many scientific concepts. Examples include living and nonliving organisms, the needs of living things, Earth, its elements, landforms, weather, geology, magnetism, states of matter, and space. The book is filled with such a wide range of scientific ideas, giving your child a wide exposure.

While learning these concepts, children are working on their fine motor skills by drawing, matching objects, coloring, peeling and pasting stickers. They are problem-solving through mazes and figuring out what belongs or doesn’t belong in the pictures.

The book culminates with a certificate of completion. What a great visual reminder to commemorate all of what the child has accomplished and learned in this book!

Overall, it provides opportunities for young children to practice and develop fine motor skills. And most importantly, it was engaging for my children and a fun way to introduce scientific concepts through interesting activities.

If you’re ready to introduce science to your little one with lots of fun activities, the  Kumon Science Sticker Activity Book may be just what they need!

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