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What’s in Mommy’s Bag? A peek inside

What’s in Mommy’s Bag?

As a child, I would watch my mom rifle through her bag when she needed to locate an object. It surprised me how long it would take her to find things in there. As a mom of little ones now, I can see why. The “mommy” bag is basically a mini suitcase of not only my own essentials but my kids’ belongings too. I went from having this tiny clutch that stores only money, keys, cell phone, and chapstick, to having Mary Poppins’ bag. (The reference to Mary Poppins’ magic bag is that scene where she takes out an endless array of objects such as a lamp and is exactly how I feel when I am pulling items out of my bag). Here’s the scene below in case you haven’t seen it yet:

So, what’s in mommy’s bag? Well, each mom is unique depending on her preferences, lifestyle, and the age, gender of the children. Here are my favorite things to keep in my bag, and you can mentally check them off on your list if you have any similar items.

  1. Wallet (a.k.a. the fun baby’s toy where shiny cards and coins can be dumped out of). mom's wallet
  2. Keys (a.k.a. the baby’s other rattle) car keys
  3. Sunglasses: to cover up my sleepy eyes from late nights. It’s both from a baby’s sleeping patterns, and also for the fact that I’m a night owl who thrives on catching up on tasks and enjoying my leisure time during this time of night.sunglasses
  4. Baby wipes: They are our go-to for cleaning everything: sticky hands, crumby face, spills in the car, sunglass cleaner. You name it. I’ve probably used a wipee on wipes
  5. Hand sanitizer: because germs are everywhere, and especially because little hands touch EVERYTHING! hand sanitizer
  6. Snacks: Most likely some type of Goldfish or animal cracker type snack that they can feed themselves. With little ones, and also as a nursing mom, snacks are pretty much a requirement in my bag. Having snacks on hand also helps to prolong how long the kids will last while we are out and about. On another note about snacks, I have found that the bottom of my purse can start to accumulate Goldfish crumbs. My solutions for that are to keep Ziploc bags for snacks that do not get finished or by having a sealed snack bag such as the one in the picture below. That handy little storage in the picture is the Itzy Ritzy snack bag, which is also an amazing item to have for on-the-go! It’s reusable, machine washable, and has waterproof lining inside, so if I do carry any wet snacks, my purse will be protected. kids' snacks
  7. Water bottle: to wash down snacks and keep us hydrated on-the-go. My absolute
    favorite reusable water bottle is the Nalgene Kids OTF Bottle. It’s portable to fit in my purse and a good size to fit in the kids’ lunch bags. What I like about this particular water bottle is the drinking spout. I have tried many types of sippy cups with straws and found that cleaning them was more difficult. With the spout on the Nalgene Bottle, it is easier to clean. The sealed closure also makes it leak proof. Another bonus!
    water bottle
  8. Cell phone: Used for calls and entertainment for me if I actually have a spare moment to browse the Internet, hop on social media, or listen to music. However, most likely it is used to entertain kids with learning apps). cell phone
  9. Non-electronic entertainment for the kids:
    1.  have this little pouch I store mini markers, a small batch of crayons and a paper pad for the kids to doodle and color.crayons and paper
    2. I found this Brain Builder game which simply has a set of wooden rectangular blocks, but is a great brain building exercise. There are cards with pictures on them, and the child has to build the blocks a particular way to match the image.  It is very portable, comes in a nice zipper bag, and does not have tiny pieces to lose while on the go. (I can’t tell you how many little doll accessories were lost while we were out).
    3. Card games: Having a regular deck of cards, or other card sets to play Go Fish, Old Maid, or Memory are very convenient to carry. We also have the Disney Eye Found It card game which is another portable game to store in the purse and keeps the kids entertained while exercising their brain power.                                                                     (I usually have just one of these in my bag but will keep several other activities and books in the car).
  10. Basic 1st aid items: When I say, “basic” I really mean the easiest situations to treat. For bandagesexample, I carry a few band-aids for small cuts or blisters. I always have tissues because there is always at least one of us (myself included) who has a sniffle, whether from allergies or a cold. I carry a small travel-size bottle of lotion for dry skin and eczema. Because of allergies, you will also find Benadryl in my purse.

So there you have it. These are the main ten items in my “Mommy bag” currently. The items have adjusted through the different ages and stages of the kids, and also with the number of kids in the family. When shopping for purses and bags, finding those with compartments are such an exciting feature, as you can see why!

How about you? How many items listed here are what you carry in your bag as well? What are some other essentials you keep in your Mommy bag?

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