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Teaching Place Value Through Interactive Stories

Teaching Place Value Through Interactive Stories

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I attempted to teach place value to my first-grade daughter using a basic chart like this:Place Value ChartLooking at her blank stare, I could see this concept was not fully sinking in. So, as any educator or parent, I needed to think quick on my feet to come up with an alternative method to teach this concept. Then, I remembered her affinity for story-telling! I quickly grabbed a whiteboard, and began telling her a story of a town called, “Place Value.” As I introduced the residents of Place Value, and described the setting, I could see the engagement in her eyes. The ability to connect each place value to a “character” and a “home” got her attention. It was working!

place value lessonSince this was all done on a whiteboard, we had to erase and re-draw different scenarios. To be able to repeat this activity neatly and efficiency, I decided to create a worksheet and manipulative number cards.

Meet the town of Place Value & its families!

Watch the stories:

Part 1 -Ones to Thousands Place

Part 2- Ten Thousands to Millions

Is the use of story motivating for your student or child? You can grab both parts of this free activity and manipulative cards below:

Download Place Value Town (Part 1)

Download Place Value Town (Part 2)

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