Ivy Kids Subscription Box

We love educational subscription boxes in our household! One of our favorite subscription boxes for kids is Ivy Kids. Ivy Kids is a monthly subscription box geared for ages 3 to 8. It is jam-packed with fun and engaging thematic activities centered around a picture book. The box includes everything you will need, including the book, the materials for all of the crafts, games, and detailed instructions. Everything is neatly packaged and organized as well, making it very easy to pull out and begin the activities right away! That is a major bonus as it saves lots of time from lengthy reading and prep work. She has taken all of the guesswork and preparation out of it so you can focus more on enjoying each activity with your child or children.

The boxes cover various curricular areas including reading, writing, art, music, science concepts, or social studies. We enjoy the diversity of the themes and my children are so enthusiastic with the arrival of each box.

Here is an example of one Ivy Kids box to give you a sense of the multitude of activities:

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle

This box is centered around the charming story, A House for Hermit Crab, about a hermit crab who was trying to search around the ocean to make its home (the shell) feel not so plain.

Each box comes with a beautiful picture book and a bookmark of discussion questions to ask while reading the book together with your kids.

Inside the cover of the box are images of all of the activities included. This is a great preview to see all of the activities in one convenient spot.

The box came with all of the supplies needed. This is very convenient because as soon as you have the box, you don’t need to go around the house or shop at the store to get any additional items.

Here are the many engaging activities we got to do in this box:

  • Paint white seashells. It included a variety of white seashells, paint, and paintbrushes.
  • Watch a hermit crab grow within a few days.
  • Create a habitat for our hermit crab with sand, shells, and assorted ocean toys.
  • Observe a real shell and complete a writing activity. This was a great way to incorporate science using the five senses.

  • Learn about the different parts of the hermit crab’s body and match the labels to the body. This was another wonderful blend of science and language arts.

  • After reading the story, we could sequence the events by the months of the year discussed in the book. It incorporates math (learning sequence of time) and comprehension through sequencing skills.

  • The box comes with a beautiful assortment of real shells, which truly excited the kids. They said they felt like they were at the beach! They were delighted to see the variety and uniqueness of each shell. The kids sorted them by size and by type of shell as well.

  • Decorate a hermit crab’s shell using an assortment of stickers.
  • Play a game of race with dice and seashells. (A great way to reinforce counting skills). 
  • Paint suncatchers of sea creatures to hang on the window.
  • One of my favorite additions to Ivy Kids and what also sets it apart from other subscription boxes is the included PERSONALIZED item in every single box. In this box, a name collage was included. The kids decorated their name with tiny shells and stickers. So adorable! And a nice use of fine motor skills to practice the letters in their name. 

As you can see there are so many different activities that can fill up your whole month!

Recap of Reasons Why We Love Ivy Kids

  • It includes engaging and well-rounded educational activities.
  • The activities are multi-disciplinary. (Some subscription boxes out there are focused solely on one subject. This one has a great balance among different curricular areas).
  • The box comes with quality materials and has everything you need (No need to search the house or go shopping for materials you don’t have).
  • The themes and picture books are enchanting.
  • They include A LOT for the price you’re paying, compared to other subscription boxes.
  • Each box includes a PERSONALIZED item for your child/children (I have not yet encountered other kids’ subscription boxes that do this for every box!) It is such an adorable touch to it. The kids open each box and feel so SPECIAL that something was made FOR THEM.

If you’re looking for a great subscription box, we highly recommend Ivy Kids box. I am not an affiliate, nor was this post sponsored. We are just BIG FANS.  You can head over to their site to learn more.