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Cooking with Kids: Great Resources to Getting Started

Cooking with Kids: Great Resources to Getting Started

The Inspiration for Cooking with Kids

When I was four years old, I loved playing with this toy cooking set. My parents tell me that I declared when I grow up, I would be a “cooker.” (Spoiler alert: This isn’t going to be one of those inspirational stories where I turn out to be a well-renowned chef, who had cooking in my blood since I was a wee little one). I now laugh when I think about this story because my motivation for cooking is not quite the same now as a parent. cooking with kids

Growing up I hardly set foot in the kitchen, to be honest. It was not until my college years and that I had to learn to prepare something edible for myself. I love my mom and admire her for braving the kitchen on her own all of those years. However, the tricky part was when I did grow up and was out on my own, I had no clue what to do when it was time for me to prepare food for myself. I made a mental note to one day make sure my kids learn to cook before they leave the nest. Although I do not consider myself the “cooker” I once dreamed of becoming when I was 4-years-old, I definitely have learned a lot (and am still learning my way around the kitchen). Along the way, I have picked up some tricks to get my kids more involved (as I promised myself I would). I definitely would not have been able to without the help of awesome books and websites! I will share some great resources to get started on cooking with the kids.

Cooking Resources for Families


Created by Laura Fuentes, a mom, entrepreneur, author, and blogger. She creates weekly meal plans that are easy to follow, healthy, delicious, and customizable for dietary needs. As a mother, she keeps the kids’ needs in mind to make food fun and healthy. In addition to tons of recipes, and meal plans, she offers fresh meal deliveries, and books filled with ideas to make homemade lunches and snacks. We own and use her book called,
The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planet: Make Lunches Your Kids Will Love with More Than 200 Deliciously Nutritious Meal Ideas. It is packed full of ideas to make easy, tasty meals, without needing to rely on the Lunchables packs. Yet they are kid friendly and kid approved. If your family needs nutritious, yummy meals that are grain-free, she also has a book, The Best Grain-Free Family Meals on the Planet: Make Grain-Free Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners Your Whole Family Will Love with More Than 170 Delicious Recipes

She is an AMAZING resource and an inspiration as a mom and entrepreneur. Go to to get free recipe ideas, learn about handy kitchen tools, check out her cookbooks, and see if her meal plans would work for you and your family.

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Raddish Kids

Our family LOVES subscription boxes because they are convenient, come straight to our door, and are ready to use, whether for they are for fun, learning activities, cooking, art, or games. There is such a wide variety of types of boxes available. One of our favorites is Raddish KidsThese kits come with a monthly themed box with culinary lessons, recipes, and activities. It is perfect for families with children as young as preschool up to adults, and can be for any cooking skill level. It can also be used for educators as an enrichment lesson, and for homeschoolers as well. You can read more of our full review here. 

Kids Cooking Activities (Debbie Madson)

Debbie Madson created Kids Cooking Activities to share her passion for cooking and teaching kids how to cook. The site is filled with recipe ideas, cooking lesson plans, kitchen tools and resources, Science experiments involving cooking, and world studies. It isn’t just a page full of random recipes, but a way to incorporate themed learning. She teaches background facts behind the ingredients and lessons on specific cooking skills. It is the perfect site regardless of skill level as well because she includes so many lesson plans and takes you through the process of teaching children.

 Kitchen Stewardship

Katie Kimball, mom of four children, and a teacher, has created ebooks and an eCourse that teaches kids how to cook real food naturally and inspires healthy living. Her tagline is”baby steps to real food and natural living,” so she understands the overwhelming feeling and challenges to get to that ideal goal. But she knows with the proper mindset and tools, it is possible to attain with baby steps. Therefore she helps lead the way with helpful, actionable tips, sample menus, and her popular eCourse: “Kids Cook Real Food.” It is available during limited times during the year, but you can subscribe to her newsletter to be notified when it is available. She does share her free knife skills class as an introduction to her teaching. Katie makes the process very user-friendly for both the adults and the children in the manner of how she leads the lessons. That way you can step back, and focus on cooking with the kids while she helps guide you through the steps and skills. Go here to check out her Kids Cook Real Food course or you can go to the Kitchen Stewardship website to find all of the available resources and information.

Uncle Ben’s (Ben’s Beginners)

Ben’s Beginners promotes teaching children to cook so inspire a healthier lifestyle. They believe when you teach kids to cook, they do not just learn cooking skills, but also pick up skills in math, Science, reading, and creativity. They have several lessons and recipes to cook together as a family. Uncle Ben’s rice products are easy to use as a blank canvas for a wide variety of recipes, no matter what flavor profiles are preferred in your home. Their recipes are simple to follow and can be adjusted to your family’s dietary needs. Here is a video of our family and friends trying out Ben’s Beginners:

 Our journey to cook

Although we have learned from so many different resources to learn how to cook as a family, we honestly do have a lot to learn still and a lot of practice to do. We are learning to manage our time and our schedule to map out our cooking routines and meal planning. One very positive note that we are thankful for is that we have instilled in our kids the motivation to cook and have introduced basic skills in the kitchen. Our next steps moving forward is to continue their interest in cooking and their involvement. Fostering this will lead to fundamental life skills.

What are the best resources you have implemented or would like to apply in teaching your kids to cook? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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