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Create a Masterpiece review

Creating a Masterpiece: Online Art Lessons Finding a quality, affordable art class can be a challenge for a family. As a mother of a 6-year-old and 4-year-old who both love art, I was not able to find many options for local art programs that offered classes of various mediums. We learned about Creating a Masterpiece, which was the answer to our dilemma! We had the pleasure of reviewing the Creating a Masterpiece Monthly Plan. It is a fine arts program taught by Sharon Hofer, who offers detailed, step-by-step video lessons in various styles and art mediums. The program is suitable for children 4 years old through adulthood. ComponentsRead More →

Times Alive! review

Times Alive! (The Fun Way to Learn Multiplication) Memorizing the multiplication facts is one of the math “milestones” to meet in elementary school. When I was a fourth grader, I remember spending time each day reciting my facts, looking at flash cards, all in preparation for our timed multiplication quizzes on Fridays. Although I mastered my facts, I do not recall enjoying the process necessarily. This past month, my children and I learned about Times Tables the Fun Way!, a program that makes multiplication more enjoyable. City Creek Press offers books, software, online programs, movies, and classroom kits to teach multiplication. We had the privilegeRead More →

place value lesson

Teaching Place Value Through Interactive Stories (This post was originally posted on my other blog: Work From Home Mommy of 3) I attempted to teach place value to my first-grade daughter using a basic chart like this:Looking at her blank stare, I could see this concept was not fully sinking in. So, as any educator or parent, I needed to think quick on my feet to come up with an alternative method to teach this concept. Then, I remembered her affinity for story-telling! I quickly grabbed a whiteboard, and began telling her a story of a town called, “Place Value.” As I introduced the residentsRead More →

I’d Rather Be Your Mommy I was having one of those mornings with my children when all of my patience had been widdled down to nothing. After feeling so powerless, I decided to change the tone of the room.  I asked the kids to gather around for a story. I decided to read I’d Rather Be Your Mommy,  from Home School Adventure Co. This ultimately resulted in being the best decision to turn our crazy upside down morning right side up again. I’d Rather Be Your Mommy, by Stacy Farrell, is an inspirational, beautifully written picture book. The author, Stacy Farrell, wrote this book years ago whenRead More →

magic school bus science club subscription review

Magic School Bus Science Club Kids are curious beings. Science is a perfect way to feed their curiosity. There are endless Science lesson activities that it can be overwhelming deciding what topics to begin with and to find the time to obtain the materials. Thankfully there are learning resources that provide quality content and materials in a convenient way for parents and educators. This year, my kids and I subscribed to the Magic School Bus Science Club. This subscription is an excellent way to bring Science to YOU. You do not have to do any planning, or hunting for ideas and materials. The kits are delivered straightRead More →

dress-up area for kids

Need to put together a simple, affordable kids’ dress-up area? My kids have accumulated tons of dresses, accessories, and shoes. We have been fortunate to have most passed down to us. With so many beautiful costumes, we needed a dress-up area to keep them, nice and organized. They were just ending up in random piles in the kids’ playroom. I searched online and in stores for storage ideas. I was in awe with the beautiful kids’ dress-up storages available for purchase. I almost bought one because of the level of mess that dress-up clothes create, and I wanted a fast solution! The average price ranged from $100Read More →

sleep struggles of a mombie

Sleep Struggles of a Mombie Can you imagine the feeling of over exhaustion, worn out by the never-ending hours of handling errands, taking care of the household needs and/or work functions? Are you gulping down coffee or taking in the kids’ snacks or sneaking in sweets to keep your eyes open long enough to handle the next task of the day? Does this sound like a fictitious story or more of a daily reality? Let’s take this a step further. Do you ever count the minutes until it is bedtime, hoping to catch up on sleep, to find that when it is actually bedtime, you keep yourselfRead More →