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We have been homeschooling for about four years now. In those four years, each year was different than the next. There have been major successes, challenges, moments of regret, but from those regrets come learning experiences that helped to shift our homeschooling approach along the way. The beginning As a former classroom teacher, I originally envisioned that my homeschool approach would feel and look similar to my experience in a brick and mortar classroom, just with much fewer students. I imagined we would have a schedule for my “students” (my children), and we would go through each subject, have recess breaks, and be done in the early afternoon.Read More →

My children and I had the pleasure of reviewing Anna, Kid Engineer, a newly released STEM children’s book. Dr. Shenek Alston, homeschooling mother of three, and math instructor, wrote this inspiring tale about a fifth-grade girl who loved to tinker and persisted to produce a successful science fair project. Joyeeta Neogi, the talented illustrator of Anna, Kid Engineer, created detailed, adorable illustrations to capture the story. My children adored the realistic, animated details of the characters and the scenery. I appreciated the diversity and representation of the characters as well. The main character, Anna, had a difficult time coming up with an impressive science fair project forRead More →

positive parenting resources

Parenting is hard. It’s beautiful. It’s miraculous. But it is hard. Every day, millions of people bring in new children into this world and most work very hard to raise them to the best of their ability. Parenting can be instinctual, and we have innate abilities to keep our kin safe and nourished. But parenting can also feel like unchartered territory, with many facets that do not come as natural. While that can feel scary not knowing how to parent, it is also perfectly normal. There are many kinds of parenting styles out there. Each parent is unique in how he or she disciplines theirRead More →

MCBD Book Review

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Multicultural Children’s Book Day is on January 27, 2018 this year. It is to celebrate and raise awareness of cultural diversity in children’s books and also to spread more multicultural books in schools and libraries. My children and I reviewed two wonderful multicultural children’s books as part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day: A Morning with Grandpa by Sylvia Liu, illustrated by Christina Forshay and When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner, illustrated by David Catrow A Morning with Grandpa Review This children’s story is a beautiful story about a grandfather and granddaughter who teach each other a bit about their culture throughRead More →

New year's around the world

Celebrating New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with my family is such a joyous time. Since this year we were learning about how families all over the world celebrate Christmas in their own way, we thought it would also be meaningful to learn about the diversity in how other cultures celebrate New Year’s around the world. New Year’s Around the World We first read New Year’s Around the World by Ann Malaspina, illustrated by Elisa Chavarri. It is a wonderful children’s book detailing the traditions and celebrations of several countries including the United States, Greece, Iran, China, Thailand, Mexico, Haiti, and India. After readingRead More →

If you celebrate Christmas, you know how special Advent is to celebrate the weeks that lead up to the coming of the big day. There are so many wonderful holiday traditions around the world. We often focus on our own celebrations, that we aren’t fully aware of the beautifully diverse traditions that are enjoyed by others around us. Many families use an Advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. Why not also make your countdown an educational experience and devote each day to learn about a different country’s Christmas traditions? Here are several educational activities that you can easily implement to teach your children multicultural awareness during Christmas time:Read More →

Kindness Elves during the holidays

Spreading Kindness Through the Holiday Season The holiday season is a special time to spend with loved ones, creating joyous memories and celebrations. While we busily prepare for special events, put up elaborate holiday decorations and make mad dashes searching for the perfect gifts for our friends and family, the magic of the holidays can also come with stressful chaos. With all of the busyness going on, it is important to keep kindness in our hearts. It keeps us more mentally sane and positive, especially during such a busy time. This is the perfect time to spread kindness to others both within the family and beyond ourRead More →

Overwhelmed and Ready to Burst Feeling stressed and overwhelmed happens to the best of us. Whether you’re an adult, teenager or child, feeling overwhelmed happens. Although everyone’s scenarios vary, it can result in similar feelings and reactions. Scenario 1: You’ve got a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, the baby continues to cry, your older child desperately needs help with a perplexing math question, and you have lunch about to burn on the stove. It can go easily from one to ten on a scale of feeling overwhelmed. As parents, we can juggle a lot on our plates to try to make ends meetRead More →

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin

We love Fall! With the cool, crisp air and pumpkin everything around us, it is so fun to find recipes, autumn decor, and engaging activities involving pumpkins with the kids. If you’re in need of an enjoyable book for kids about pumpkins, this one is tops on our list. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? by Margaret McNamara and G. Brian Karas is the perfect book to incorporate literacy, math, and science. The book is about a boy named Charlie and his classmates in Mr. Tiffin’s class. The teacher asks the class how many seeds they think are in pumpkins. It is an adorable tale that covers math concepts suchRead More →

ladybug lesson activities for pre-k to elementary

Ladybug Lesson Activities for Pre-K/Early Elementary With Spring in the air, there are a lot of fun Spring lessons and activities to implement in the classroom or homeschool. Here are some lesson activities to teach about ladybugs: Reading Here are some great informative and fun books to read with children to learn more about ladybugs and their life cycle: Here are lesson plan activities to pair with The Grouchy Ladybug to reinforce Language Arts & Math skills. Science We got a Ladybug Land habitat by Insect Lore to observe real live ladybugs for a couple of weeks. It was so much fun watching them each day as they underwent theRead More →