Anna, Kid Engineer: STEM Children’s Book Review

My children and I had the pleasure of reviewing Anna, Kid Engineer, a newly released STEM children’s book. Dr. Shenek Alston, homeschooling mother of three, and math instructor, wrote this inspiring tale about a fifth-grade girl who loved to tinker and persisted to produce a successful science fair project. Joyeeta Neogi, the talented illustrator of Anna, Kid Engineer, created detailed, adorable illustrations to capture the story. My children adored the realistic, animated details of the characters and the scenery. I appreciated the diversity and representation of the characters as well.

Anna Kid Engineer

The main character, Anna, had a difficult time coming up with an impressive science fair project for the past two years and wanted her project for the last year at East Creek Elementary School to be amazing. Although she was uninspired at first, she was reminded of her love for tinkering, which she later used to propel ideas for a science fair project.

She worked for weeks of trial and error and did not give up, with her family’s encouragement. I admire the message of hard work and persistence. My own children sometimes have difficulty at times when things seem too challenging for them or if they feel frustrated that they are unable to complete a task successfully. So reading this story together with them and discussing the underlying message of hard work, patience, and determination was so relevant and a good lesson.

Seeing Anna’s love for science and tinkering also inspired my children because they too have a love for STEM activities. Seeing Anna’s spectacular final science fair project amazed them and they quickly went to play with their TinkerToys shortly after reading the story.

If your children enjoy tinkering, science, or could use the inspiration for STEM, Anna, Kid Engineer is the perfect fit for your class or home library. If you are teaching your children or students about growth mindset and perseverance, this book is a suitable fit for all ages.

Anna, Kid Engineer is available for only $5 as an e-book with audio at the Anna, Kid Engineer website. If you prefer a hardcopy, you can also purchase it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Anna Kid Engineer

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