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5 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for Kids

5 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for Kids

It is exciting to have the opportunity to be generous and thoughtful when selecting gifts for those special people in your life. It can also be overwhelming thinking about all the stuff that will be accumulating. Holidays are a time to focus on kindness, generosity, and being with our loved ones. It is easy to get  stressed thinking about what gift to give. Sometimes it can even result in giving something or anything just to hand someone a gift. In doing so, we can sometimes add to the clutter of others’ lives. With the kids, it can mean a development of a stuffed animal mountain or brand new clothes they never get to wear because the kids seem to grow inches overnight.  It can be a toy store front development in your living room.But who says gifts need to clutter your life? Here are 5 clutter-free gift ideas for kids that they’ll be sure to love!

  1. Tickets or passes to places

    Being able to visit local zoos, parks, and museums is an amazing gift for the whole family. While the costs can add up, there are ways to save some money in purchasing this type of gift. Look out for deals from Groupon and Living Social.  Check out the website of the specific venue and look for deals regarding passes. Sometimes there may be a resident discount or higher savings if you buy a certain time of the year. Since the kids can’t really go by themselves, this is a gift for the whole family, so that crosses off everyone in that family right off of the “gift list.”  This is the perfect way to give the whole family valuable memories together which is ultimately priceless. (And will not clutter the home).

  2. A Special Date

    Plan a special date for just you and the child. It creates a unique bonding experience. The sky’s the limit with date ideas depending on the child’s interests. Take the child to a picnic at the park or beach. You can go to the movies, go to his/her favorite restaurant, a petting zoo, or get nails done. Depending on where you live, it can be a trip to play in the snow, ice skating, skateboarding, riding bikes at the beach, or taking a gondola ride.

  3. Subscriptions

    There are educational or thematic boxes that deliver ready-to-go activities straight from the box. There is such a wide variety of subscription boxes to choose from, and some that can actually cause more clutter than needed depending on what is inside. Here are a few choices that have minimal clutter:

    Pley: is a monthly rental box curated with stories and toys appropriate for their development and interest level. Once a family is done with the activities, the box is returned and a new one is shipped. This saves money, clutter, and the environment, as toys do not go to waste and unused toys do not litter the home.

    Raddish Kids– is a subscription geared for kids and the family with themed recipes to cook. This is a wonderful way to teach culinary skills to kids an excellent bonding experience for the family.

    BookLender– Similar to Netflix, Booklender mails you a number of books (depending on your choices) and you send it back when you finish. Then the next batch of books gets sent out.

  4. Subscription to an educational app

    If the child has access to a mobile device, purchasing quality apps that are great for kids is another clutter-free gift idea. Here are some recommended apps:

  5.  Themed basket with consumable or experiential items

    A themed basket is a great way to consider a child’s interests and turn it into enjoyable experiences that won’t clutter the home, if executed properly. Although it includes “stuff” many of these items are consumable and are focused on the experience. Some suggestions include:

    • A movie basket: Add a Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime subscription, or a couple of the family’s favorite movies. Put in some popcorn and treats. Add in a blanket for a cozy touch.
    • A cooking or baking basket: Include common baking or cooking utensils, measuring cups, bowls, cookbooks, or dry ingredients to whip up a meal or dessert.
    • “Favorite Snacks”: Think about their ultimate favorite snacks and treats. This is sure to be devoured over time.
    • “Breakfast basket: Similar to the snack basket, plan to curate a basket full of delicious breakfast items that they like such as cereal, oatmeal, pastries, bananas, apples, oranges.


Are you ready tackle on gift giving with less clutter? I hope one of these ideas inspires that for you. Let me know your favorite one or if you have a clutter-free gift idea not shown yet on this list.

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