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low-prep activities for kids

10 Low-Prep Activities for Kids As a mommy, I sometimes feel like an octopus juggling daily responsibilities, errands, and family time. I love family bonding time the best, but sometimes I need extra time to catch up with my “grown-up tasks” while the kids are independently playing. Most of the time they can come up with what they would like to do, but sometimes they need a little nudge. When time is limited on my part, and the kids are uninspired with what to do, here is a go-to list of 10 low-prep activities for kids: Character/Puppet Shows  Set up an area with character toys orRead More →

clean up strategies with kids

The struggle of clean-up time I don’t know about you, but for us, clean-up time with the kids (or even without kids) can seem like such a stressful chore. Clean-time up sometimes includes nagging, frustration, yelling, and power struggles. Each person is different in their toleration levels of messiness, so it can make it difficult to be on the same line of expectations. Cleaning up takes time in itself and stopping to badger the kids and help push them along can make the task even longer. Along the way, I have picked up some clean-up strategies for young kids that work: Clean-up strategies Communicate theRead More →

juggling too much in your day

Juggling Life’s Multiple Hats  Juggling too much in your day? We have so many roles to play in our daily lives. My primary daily hats are: Mommy, wife, and teacher. One hat I must remind myself to wear is: ME (a person/woman). It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of family and work responsibilities, errands, and chores. Life is hard, no matter what type of work or family situation one has. Everyone has unique challenges, and also blessings. My tagline: “Earn income, spend time with the kids & homeschool- all while wearing PJ’s” is a summary of the several hats I wear,Read More →

preparing kids for emergency

Let me first mention that there are so many types of “emergencies” that people need to prepare for ranging from natural disasters, to health, to crime-related scenarios. In a toddler’s mind, an “emergency” can even be defined as not knowing where the doll’s shoe went. There are so many steps and details for all of the subcategories of “emergency.” This post will cover the general emergency of: “Oh no! Mommy/Daddy is hurt! What do we do??” To elaborate on the inspiration behind this post, I will share with you what happened during a Target trip last week. I was out alone with the 3 kids runningRead More →

shopping with kids

Stresses from shopping with kids Shopping trips with kids can go smoothly, while others… not so much. They can literally make me feel like a juggler. As a parent, we learn that hunger, nap times, and potty trips can interrupt the flow of our errands. So we try our best to work around those times, and make sure we are all fed, energized (somewhat), ready to run to the grocery, on an empty bladder. Sometimes, even when we have worked around these conditions, things happen! For example: sibling quarreling, lost shoes, tantrums, lost toys, whining, boredom, and additional random distractions). Shopping Tips The following list is notRead More →

dress-up area for kids

Need to put together a simple, affordable kids’ dress-up area? My kids have accumulated tons of dresses, accessories, and shoes. We have been fortunate to have most passed down to us. With so many beautiful costumes, we needed a dress-up area to keep them, nice and organized. They were just ending up in random piles in the kids’ playroom. I searched online and in stores for storage ideas. I was in awe with the beautiful kids’ dress-up storages available for purchase. I almost bought one because of the level of mess that dress-up clothes create, and I wanted a fast solution! The average price ranged from $100Read More →

sleep struggles of a mombie

Sleep Struggles of a Mombie Can you imagine the feeling of over exhaustion, worn out by the never-ending hours of handling errands, taking care of the household needs and/or work functions? Are you gulping down coffee or taking in the kids’ snacks or sneaking in sweets to keep your eyes open long enough to handle the next task of the day? Does this sound like a fictitious story or more of a daily reality? Let’s take this a step further. Do you ever count the minutes until it is bedtime, hoping to catch up on sleep, to find that when it is actually bedtime, you keep yourselfRead More →