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reasons why we homeschool

5 Reasons Why We Homeschool As a classroom teacher in the past, I never imagined I would be homeschooling my children. I was not against the idea, but it just never part of my family plan. When the opportunity came for me to work from home for a homeschooling program, I was asked one day by one of the parents, “Do you homeschool your children, or plan to?” At the time, I only had one toddler, so I quickly shrugged away the question, “I don’t right now, but probably not. I don’t have time.” As my daughter grew older, and our family grew, I foundRead More →

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Lesson Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Lesson Activities Martin Luther King Jr. is an inspirational leader, and it is no wonder that we take a day to honor what he stands for and represents.  In honor of Dr. King, we saw it fit to learn about good examples of world leaders. Our unit focus this month is on biographies, which fit perfectly. Using the Epic! reading app we quickly pulled up biographies on the spot, and were able to read a wide variety of role models that displayed good leadership. To prepare for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here are some lesson activities that we incorporated: EachRead More →

teaching kids technology

Teaching Kids Technology Teaching kids technology is important in our day and age. It surrounds us and is a vital part of how things work, is used in daily life, for communication, as part of businesses, and utilized in education. With technology all around us, it can be overwhelming to learn with the amount of various types of technology being developed on a daily basis. Furthermore, it can be scary for some with privacy and security issues. Justifiably, there are concerns regarding the safety of specific programs and software. However, when it comes down to it, forbidding it altogether would ultimately be a disservice toRead More →

organizational tools for moms

The Best Organizational Tools for Moms (This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing products/services through the affiliate links on this post contributes to the success of this site at no extra cost to you. I only share products that I personally recommend and trust. Click here to read my full disclosure policy) Finding an organizational system that’s just right for you No matter if you considered yourself an organized person or not prior to becoming a mom, parenthood can throw your organization skills for a loop. It is hard to stay on top of everything between taking care of yourself, your family, the household needs, personalRead More →

clutter free gifts for kids

5 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for Kids It is exciting to have the opportunity to be generous and thoughtful when selecting gifts for those special people in your life. It can also be overwhelming thinking about all the stuff that will be accumulating. Holidays are a time to focus on kindness, generosity, and being with our loved ones. It is easy to get  stressed thinking about what gift to give. Sometimes it can even result in giving something or anything just to hand someone a gift. In doing so, we can sometimes add to the clutter of others’ lives. With the kids, it can mean a developmentRead More →

overplanning mom

Confessions of an Overplanning Mom Exhilaration from Planning Even before becoming a parent, I was always one who felt excited receiving my Student Planner while in school. The layout of calendars and lines for to-do lists gave me thrills. Then as a teacher,  the thrill was first purchasing  my Lesson Plan book and color coding the subject headings. As a homeschooling mom, I continue to feel the excitement with my plan book, and our family calendar. Now before you think how dorky this may be, I will let you in on a secret, that although I love planning, I do need work on fulfilling all of theRead More →

Teaching Kids How to Be Kind Explaining Kindness Kindness is not something we are born with. It is taught. Children learn from watching others. Therefore, we must show them and teach what acts of kindness mean. Teaching others how to be kind is not a one-time lesson but something talked about and practiced daily. Even as teenagers and adults, we can still use reminders of what it means to be kind and considerate. Using visuals When teaching kindness, it is a good idea to discuss specific actions that demonstrate the trait. So just saying “You are a kind person” or “He/she is nice” are vague statements and doRead More →

messy household

Behind the Scenes: The Truth of a Messy Household Me: “Time to clean up.” My daughter: “Why, who’s coming over?” That line right there made me chuckle and stop to think about what cleaning meant for the kids. Although we clean on a regular basis (or try to), it was apparent that the kids were picking up on the higher stress levels of cleaning when guests were coming over. Unfortunately, the level of mess seems to have a direct correlation to my level of stress. With each kid (I now have three), the reigns have loosened on our level of cleanliness, as it appears nearlyRead More →

cooking with kids

Cooking with Kids: Great Resources to Getting Started The Inspiration for Cooking with Kids When I was four years old, I loved playing with this toy cooking set. My parents tell me that I declared when I grow up, I would be a “cooker.” (Spoiler alert: This isn’t going to be one of those inspirational stories where I turn out to be a well-renowned chef, who had cooking in my blood since I was a wee little one). I now laugh when I think about this story because my motivation for cooking is not quite the same now as a parent.  Growing up I hardly setRead More →

scientist gift guide

Scientist Gift Guide I love the excitement my daughter feels when she does Science! We started the Magic School Bus Science Club subscription last year and have seen such a spike in my daughters’ fascination with all things Science. (You can read our full review of the Magic School Bus Science Club here). Last Christmas she got a Science kit, and this year, the only thing my older daughter is asking for is a microscope. I’m all up for their ideas that display a yearn for learning! Do you have a budding Scientist or do you want to find gifts to inspire children to loveRead More →